Global 25th Anniversary

Happy Birthday to Atradius Global

Celebrating 25 years of Atradius Global is a true achievement! It is an honour and privilege to be leading Atradius Global at this key milestone in the unit’s history. But it is also fun. Global team members have been celebrating throughout the world, with cake, parties and excursions. We even made a lip-sync video to the song Celebration. Who knew there were so many good dancers in our team, or that Copenhagen’s most famous statue, the Little Mermaid, could be upstaged by the Atradius Global Mermaid?!


In many ways the Celebration Video captures the essence of Atradius Global. We are a close-knit group that work together as one team. We remain true to the ideals that the founding Global Director, Tommie Sjodahl, established in 1997. He wanted us to remember that at the heart of all businesses are people, and building human connections with our colleagues, customers and brokers is vital to the way we work. This ethos still drives the way we work 25 years later.

In recognition of the history of Atradius Global I take a look at why the unit was formed, how we work and what makes us successful in the blog: Atradius Global Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary. I joined Global at its beginning, heading up the Global America unit, and feel great pride to have been part of our journey of growth.

When Global was launched in 1997, we were a bit of an outlier. We were the first to create a unit centred around the needs of our multinational customers, mirroring their set ups and geographical reach. We prided ourselves on our flexibility and often work with other Atradius units, such as Special Products, to create bespoke and creative solutions for our customers most tricky challenges. These can range from non-cancellable limits to hybrid solutions and much more.

 Ultimately our focus is on our customers and over the past 25 years we have navigated global crises together, developed new solutions together and grown together. We have achieved so much since our foundation; it is exciting to see where our journey with our valued customers and brokers will take us next.


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